TIMBRE (out on 29/09/23)

TIMBRE marks the long-awaited recording return of Salvador Sobral. The fourth studio album by the Portuguese musician includes 11 new original songs, 10 written in collaboration with Leo Aldrey also responsible for the album production. TIMBRE ( out on 29 September 2023)


EP SAL (2022)

“This record it’s me in my space, singing and playing piano as I do everyday. The technical imperfections of the instrument, my own fragilities as a pianist, my voice, here uncovered, and therefore for open to the flaws, are the essence of this kind of mini documentary of my musical domestic everyday life. The integration of unforseen circumstances are elements that expose the music to the truth: the dog barking outside, the sound of the tram on the street. Three of this songs are are part of my live repertoire, but until now had not yet been released and one is an original. All ballads. While in my concertos I like do approach and arouse  all types of human emotions, here I was interested only in evoking sensations of peace and serenity.”


bpm (2021)

Salvador Sobral’s third studio album, bpm, was released on May 2021. Mostly recorded in February of the same year at Le Manoir de León studio, in France, the record features 14 original songs. bpm marks a news chapter in Salvador Sobral’s career since it is the first album entirely composed by him, in partnership with Leo Aldrey ( producer). A new page on his short, yet eventful career, where the audience gets to know the voice of the author behind an exquisite singer and performer.


Paris, Lisboa (2019)

The second studio album sets a turning point in the life of Salvador Sobral. Inspired by a trip without departure nor arrival, but whose points of merger are made between Paris and Lisbon, cities of great importance in the creative process of this album and in an implicit reference to the classic by Wim Wenders, “Paris, Texas”.


Excuse Me ao Vivo (2017)

“I have always considered myself more of a stage musician than a studio musician. The style of music which I play and the musicians with whom I play with gain another essence, another dimension when we play live. On this album we can hear several “conversations” that we are having between musicians and also the public’s reaction, who sometimes also wants to intervene. Sometimes Júlio (piano) might say something, to which Bruno (drums) responds immediately, or simply listens and decides not to respond. These conversations, as almost all conversations on stage are completely improvised, they will stay there and will never be repeated. That’s why I like jazz so much.” Salvador Sobral


Excuse Me (2016)

Salvador Sobral’s debut album, composed between 2014 and 2016 by Salvador himself in collaboration with the Venezuelan composer Leonardo Aldrey. Jazz, Brazilian music and the sounds of Latin America in which he dives into for inspiration, are also strong influences on this album’s narrative, which also offers reinvented versions of standards like “Autumn in New York” or of some Brazilian music gems like “Nem Eu “by Dorival Caymmi.