Lived in the USA, in Mallorca and Barcelona, where he studied Jazz for two years at the prestigious school Taller de Musics. Throughout this period, he’s been composing his own songs, creating several projects and discovering his musical identity.
In 2016, he releases his first solo album Excuse me. In 2017 Salvador participates at the Festival da Canção (Portuguese Song Contest) with the song “Amar Pelos Dois”, written by Luísa Sobral, which would win him the Eurovision Song Contest, in that same year, with the highest score ever. Since then he has been distinguished with several awards and mentions and highly acclaimed by the national and international press. In early 2019 he released his second solo album, Paris, Lisboa, which has taken him on an extensive tour around the world. Along with his solo journey, he has developed numerous projects that take him to other musical universes and different backgrounds: Noko Woi, Alexandre Search,Mutrama, Alma Nuestra, Quinta das Cançõesand, most recently, Salvador Sobral sings Brel. The third studio album, bpm, was released on May 2021. Mostly recorded in February of the same year at Le Manoir de Léonstudio, in France, the record is composed entirely by original songs, composed by Salvador in partnership with Leo Aldrey who also produces the album. The EP SAL is released in September 2022. The album is composed by one original theme and three song that are part of the live repertoire, but which, until now, had not yet been released. A voice and piano home recording, which is, simultaneously, a journey and an invitation to enter the musician’s personal and intimate universe. In 2023 he’ll release his forth studio album.
In 2023, month after his debut concerts in Brazil, a country where he always dreamt of playing and that received him with open arms full venues, Salvador Sobral anticipated his upcoming album, with the release of “al llegar” ( feat.  Jorge Drexler) and “pedra quente”. TIMBRE”, his fourth studio album arrives on 29 September.

• Best Engineered Album at the Latin Grammy Awards 2021 ( for the album “bpm”)
• Ambassador of the Portuguese Language 2019 Award by the Institut du Monde Lusophone in Paris
• Videolip3 2018 Award for the song “Cerca del Mar”
• Aritmar 2018 Award to Best Portuguese Song
• Golden Globe 2018 for Best Song for “Amar Pelos Dois”
• Medal of the Great Order of Merit by the Portuguese Republic 2018
• International Personality of the Year 2017 by the Foreign Press Association in Portugal
• Jornal Expresso: Personality of the Year 2017 (awarded by Portuguese newspaper Expresso)
• EBBA Award 2017

Photo: © Adolfo Bueno & Corina Clamens