Salvador Sobral sings Brel  (2019)

The famous chanson française refers to a musical universe with a unique language where the word assumes a primary role in the construction of the songs. Jacques Brel is a fundamental name of the French-speaking culture with a mark in several artistic manifestations, (ranging) from cinema to music. It was in the latter that he affirmed his own identity as one of the most renowned interpreters of the last century – crossing the borders of his native Belgium and the France that welcomed him. A storyteller (either through his words or through the intensity of his performances) who captured Salvador Sobral’s attention and led him to the creation of this project where the proposal is explained in the title: to sing Brel. To achieve this, he surrounded himself with musicians who could understand this musical language in all its complexity and richness.

Cello – Ana Cláudia Serrão;  Guitar– André Santos; Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Transverse Flute – Diogo Duque; Accordion – Inês Vaz; Drums – Joel Silva; Bass – Nelson Cascais; Vocals – Salvador Sobral; Piano – Samuel Lercher
Musical direction – Salvador Sobral, Samuel Lercher and Nelson Cascais

Alma Nuestra (2019)

Band created by the two friends Salvador Sobral and Victor Zamora who share a passion for the sweet sounds of Latin America and, simultaneously, for Jazz. That said, they were joined by two other friends and worked on the already well-known and timeless songs from Cuba, Argentina, and other South American sounds reinventing them and transforming them into unique and personal sounds.

Voice – Salvador Sobral; Piano – Victor Zamora; Bass – Nelson Cascais; Drums – André Sousa Machado

Quinta das Canções (2019)

Quinta das Canções is the sharing by good friends André Santos and Salvador Sobral, of songs which captured their attention and sharpen their desire to make them their own through their original interpretations and performances. Every Thursday, the two musicians play a song that inspires them, paying homage to their affections, admirations and musical influences. In a first season, they have dedicated themselves to interpreting songs by Portuguese authors and sung in our language. For future seasons, who knows? It’s with free-spirit and without rules that the songs which cheer this Quinta das Canções are built week after week.


Mutrama (2018)

Salvador Sobral is one of the invited musicians of this project focused on the reinterpretation of traditional Madeiran music, with musical direction by guitarist André Santos.

Alexander Search (2016 – 2020)

One of Fernando Pessoa’s many English heteronyms give its name to an electronic rock band with indie-pop influences, whose songs are based on the poems signed by this Pessoa’s heteronym who spent his adolescence in South Africa.
The project falls on the lead of the pianist Júlio Resende, who is in charge of composing the themes. Inspired by the universe of Pessoa’s heteronym, Júlio Resende involves the universe of the band into fiction and assumes also a heteronym – Augustus Search – a challenge extended to the rest of the group. Salvador Sobral is Benjamin Cymbra and gives voice to the songs written by Resende or actually, by Augustus Search. Guitarist Daniel Neto takes on the role of Marvel K., while André Nascimento plays the character of Sgt. William Byng in the electronic component. Drums and percussion are in charge to the talented jazz drummer Joel Silva, incarnating the mysterious Mr. Tagus.

Vocals – Benjamin Cymbra / Salvador Sobral; Piano – Augustus Search / Júlio Resende; Guitar – Marvel K / Daniel Neto; Electronic – Sgt. William Byng / André Nascimento; Drums, Percussion – Mr. Tagus

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Noko Woi (2014)

Noko Woi means “listening around” in Warao, a native Venezuelan language. This project is the result of an attempt to bring together different sources of inspiration: places where we came from, places where we are, people we know, people which we are, ideas other people suggested to us, ideas that we found.”